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Policy Documents For Shires Cricket

8 September 2021

Cricket NSW being the Governing Body for Sydney Shires Cricket has a range of different policy documents that umpires need to be aware of so that you can confidently and safely officiate matches within our competitions

The below links will provide a copy of each of these relevant policy documents

(1) Concussion Substitute Policy - Click Here

(2) COVID19 Playing Conditions and Policies - Click Here

(3) Doubtful Bowling Action Policy - Click Here

(4) Extreme Heat Policy - Click Here

(5) Helmet Policy - Click Here

(6) Post Match Meeting Policy - Click Here

(7) Protection of Playing Area Policy - Click Here

Finals Series Appointments - Association History

Last Updated 21 June 2022

The attached document contains the appointments for all finals series matches played in the history of the Association from the year 2001 to the current season

Finals Series Umpiring Appointments from 2001 to Current - Click Here


Last Updated 1 November 2021 -

The SSCUA appoints umpires to five (5) different game formats. Umpires must lodge a match report after completing all appointments -

Here below are the links you use to report your match result:

Shires 5th Grade & Chappelow Cup - Umpire Appointments

24 October 2021

This page lists the umpire appointments for the two Shires 40 over a side cricket competitions - These being Shires 5th Grade and The Chappelow Cup for season 2021-22.


Preliminary Rounds for season 2021-22 have been completed as at 5/3/22

Finals Series Appointments for 5th Grade and Chappelow Cup can be found on the same page as 1st to 4th Grades


Playing Conditions Season 2021/22 - Shires and Chappelow Cup

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The Sydney Shires Cricket Umpires Association was formed prior to the start of the 2001/02 cricket season for the purpose of supplying neutral match officials to the Sydney Shires Cricket competition.

Our cricket is played exclusively on turf wickets by 14 different clubs throughout the Sydney metropolitan area, from late September to the first week of April each summer season.

Training for new members

We welcome enquiries from new members and are happy to guide you through a training course and examination if you have never passed an accredited umpires examination and are thinking about taking up umpiring.

Umpire training courses are run at regular intervals throughout the year. These courses are run by accredited trainers who aim to ensure your ability to pass the exam.

Those who successfully pass these training courses receive accreditation to umpire cricket in the Sydney Shires Cricket Competitions. To express an interest in an upcoming training course please click on the "Contact Us" link on the main menu and then send us an email.

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