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15 February 2024

The Association has a range of umpiring merchandise that members can order throughout the season.

To view what items are available and to place an order using your debit or credit card visit this Jot Form order page

Policy Documents For Shires Cricket

9 September 2023

Cricket NSW being the Governing Body for Sydney Shires Cricket has a range of different policy documents that umpires need to be aware of so that you can confidently and safely officiate matches within our competitions

The below links will provide a copy of each of these relevant policy documents

(1) Concussion Substitute Policy - Click Here

(2) Doubtful Bowling Action Policy - Click Here

(3) Extreme Heat Policy - Click Here

(4) Helmet Policy - Click Here

(5) Post Match Meeting Policy - Click Here

(6) Protection of Playing Area Policy - Click Here

Finals Series Appointments - Association History

Last Updated 9 September 2023

The attached document contains the appointments for all finals series matches played in the history of the Association from the year 2001 to the current season

Finals Series Umpiring Appointments from 2001 to Current - Click Here


Last Updated 9 September 2023

The SSCUA appoints umpires to five (5) different game formats. Umpires must lodge a match report after completing all appointments -

Here below are the links you use to report your match result -

Also below is the link for members who umpire the Cricket NSW Youth Championships played on Sundays

  • Masters / Classics / Vintage Playing Conditions - Season 2023-24

    Update 9 September 2023

    Please find below a link to download the 2023-24 Playing Conditions for the Sydney Masters (Over 40's) and Sydney Classics (Over 50's) Competition.

    The Vintage (Over 60's) Playing Conditions vary to the Masters and Classics competitions and appear below as a separate download

    Text in both documents that is shaded in GREEN is to be considered as new or altered from season 2022-23

    All Masters / Classics and Vintage Umpires are asked to carefully read and take in the contents of the two below attached documents before umpiring their first match in either of the three competitions.

    Masters & Classics Competition Playing Conditions - Click Here

    Vintage Cricket Competition Playing Conditions - Click Here

    Playing Conditions Season 2023-24 - Shires 1st to 5th Grades

    Reporting Forms - Code of Conduct / Doubtful Bowling Actions

    Updated 19 November 2023

    Umpires from time to time may need to report a player for one of two reasons -

    * A Code of Conduct Breach , or

    * To Report a Player for a Suspect or Illegal Bowling Action

    The below links will provide members with a copy of the appropriate reporting forms for either of these two situations.

    PLEASE NOTE - The process in regards to lodging a code of conduct report is outlined within By Law number 15 of this Association. All members before submitting a code of conduct report are required to read through this By Law and make contact with Stephen Blomfield (Association Secretary) prior to lodging a report.

    Code Of Conduct Report Form (Shires 1st to 4th Grades + Frank Gray Shield) - Click Here For Attachment

    Code Of Conduct Report Form (Shires 5th Grade or Chappelow Cup) - Click Here For Attachment

    Code Of Conduct Report Form (Masters and Classics Cricket) - Click Here For Attachment

    Doubtful Bowling Action Report Form - Click Here For Attachment

    Association Constitution and By Laws


    The Constitution of the SSCUA was last amended at the SSCUA members meeting held on 10 February 2021. It was subsequently approved by the NSWCUSA board of directors (our parent affiliated body) on 26 April 2021


    From time to time the Executive Committee of the SSCUA will issue a direction to the membership. This can take the form of an instruction on how members are to action a certain task, how to handle a certain situation or guidance on how to interpret match situations that are not completely or necessarily covered by the Laws of the Game or the Competition Playing Conditions. If any direction to the membership is not a once off, and has potential to be required in the future then this instruction shall be referred to as a By Law of this Association.

    Click HERE to view a copy of the Association's Constitution and By Laws 2021 Version


    The Sydney Cricket Association (SCA) has prepared a document regarding safety tips when participating in a game of cricket (or any sport) when temperatures are extreme. This is a timely reminder during the hotter parts of the summer on how we can make the most of an uncomfortable day in high to extreme temperatures.

    Click Here For Tips for Umpiring In the Heat

    Late Starts - Revised Overs Remaining Tables

    The below links can be used to assess the rescheduling of a days play in the event of a late start. These tables are correct as at 9 September 2023 for use during the 2023-24 Season

    GAME 1 - Use for Regular 2 day games - 1st to 3rd Grades Only

    GAME 1 - Use for Regular 2 day games - 4th Grade Only

    GAME 2 - Use for 2nd day of a game requiring 120 overs (ALL GRADES)

    GAME 3 - Use for Limited Overs Matches

    GAME 6 - Use for Shires 5th Grade Fixtures (40 overs a side)

    MASTERS, CLASSICS, VINTAGE CRICKET - Use for all Matches in these competitions


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