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Season 2010/11 - Year 10

Season 2010/11 was fondly remembered by all as the year we celebrated 10 years of existence as the Sydney Shires Cricket Umpires Association

The season commenced at The Technology Park Hotel in Alexandria on 14 July 2010 with the holding of the Association's 9th Annual general meeting. A total of 36 members attended the evening from a total membership at the time which tallied 77. Guests in attendance were Graham Chudleigh representing the board of NSWCU&SA as well as Darrell Hair, Executive Officer NSWCU&SA.

At the AGM, Peter Friend was returned as chairman for his third season while Stephen Blomfield was elected for his 10th season in the role of Honorary Secretary. After 9 years in the role Gordon Smith stood down as Treasurer and was replaced by Mike Wheeler. Jim Shellens maintained the Vice President role. Others re-elected to the committee of management were Trevor Schokman & Mark Hughes while Stuart Wood and Chris Williams were newly added into the committee. Chris however failed to show up for all committee meetings bar one at the start of the season and by Christmas time was released from his position by the committee. John Moore from the previous season's committee did not seek re-election for 2010/11

The 10th anniversary was celebrated in a number of ways. Members were supplied with a number of items free of charge including an Association baseball cap, a personalised on field note book with each members name and membership number embossed on it, as well as a green short sleeve polo shirt for wear to and from matches. Members were also offered a 50% discount on the purchase of the blue field shirt and at the end of the season we celebrated with a all you can eat 4 course buffet dinner at a German Restaurant in the city with all members receiving a generous subsidy on the price for the function only having to pay $20 a head.

Another part of the anniversary celebration was the production of a full colour and professionally printed annual report which included an extended statistics section at the back to record the names and achievements of all members past and present over the 10 years of the Association's history

On Saturday February 5, 2011 the Association conducted its 10th Anniversary Round of cricket, a round where we asked all members to be available on the same day in an effort to cover all available 56 umpire appointments over all 4 grades. We just scrapped in with exactly 56 members being able to umpire Shire cricket on the same day without us requiring assistance from any spare umpires from Grade cricket. This was a first that we were all very proud of.

A modest increase in membership in 2010/11 saw us finish the season with a record number of 87 members, up 5 from the previous seasons tally of 82. A disappointing aspect of the membership count was the number of members who were inactive during the season. Particularly frustrating were the 3 new members who joined the Association and then failed to umpire any games at all. It makes you wonder !

This season the number of shires matches that were supplied umpires was almost identical to the previous 2009/10 season. The only difference this year was that more of our members umpired more matches which offset the reduced number of surplus umpires that were available from the Sydney Grade competition. The number of surplus umpires from Grade cricket suffered a disturbing 80% drop in 2010/11 as opposed to 2009/10. We hope these numbers can improve in 2011/12

Statistics from the 2010/11 season read as follows -

* 100% umpire coverage of all days play in First Grade Shires

* 100% umpire coverage of all days play in Frank Gray Shield Matches

* 100% umpire coverage of all days play in Second Grade Shires

* 95% umpire coverage of all days play in Third Grade Shires

* 40% umpire coverage of all days play in Fourth Grade Shires

Other Issues this season included -

* Changing the on field uniform to allow the wearing of the blue field shirt in all Shires matches rather than just in limited over fixtures

* Umpire match fees were raised from $105 per day to $110 per day after the previous season not experiencing an increase

* The introduction a round of 20/20 cricket into the Saturday competition during Round 8 played as the last game before the Christmas break

* Jim Shellens umpired the Shires XI v Grade XI rep match at the Sydney Cricket Ground on 18 February 2011

* Stephen Blomfield umpired his 250th Career Shires Match when umpiring the Frank Gray Shield Final

* Members Ken Buckland & Mark Hughes who umpire in Sydney grade cricket were elevated to the 1st Grade panel for the season.

* Darren Goodger has another season in Grade 1st Grade and was appointed to the 1st Grade Final as well as the Green Shield and Poidevin Gray Finals

* Jim Shellens umpired his 200th Career Shires Match just prior to Christmas

* Michael Roberts, Mike Wheeler, Geoff Wheeler, Brett Tribolet, Trevor Parker, Patrick Smellie, & Mark Hughes all passed 50 Career Shires Matches during the season

* Peter Mooney & Brett Tribolet were appointed to the 1st Grade Grand Final won by Strathfield CC played at Blacktown Olympic Park # 1

* Stephen Blomfield & Chris Taylor were appointed to the Frank Gray (Under 24) Grand Final won by Warringah CC played at Alan Davidson Oval

* Brett Tribolet won the umpire of the year award for the first time. Ian Bowman took out the most improved umpire of the year award, while Aaron Vella won the Rookie Umpire of the Year award