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Season 2012/13 - Year 12

Season 2012/13 saw the Association celebrate its 12th season of existence since formation in 2001/02.


Season 2011/12 - Year 11

Season 2011/12 was the Eleventh season of the SSCUA.

The season saw a reduction in the number of members from an all time high of 87 in March 2011 to a total of 80 as at 1 April 2012 which marked the end of that playing season. It was widely accepted that the downturn in membership was due to many non active and part time members hanging on until the end of the 10th Anniversary season in 2010/11 before then relinquishing their membership.


Season 2010/11 - Year 10

Season 2010/11 was fondly remembered by all as the year we celebrated 10 years of existence as the Sydney Shires Cricket Umpires Association

The season commenced at The Technology Park Hotel in Alexandria on 14 July 2010 with the holding of the Association's 9th Annual general meeting. A total of 36 members attended the evening from a total membership at the time which tallied 77. Guests in attendance were Graham Chudleigh representing the board of NSWCU&SA as well as Darrell Hair, Executive Officer NSWCU&SA.


Season 2009/10 - Year 9

Cricket season 2009/10 represented the ninth year of existence for the Sydney Shires Cricket Umpires Association.

The season commenced at Redfern RSL club on Wednesday July 8 with the holding of the Association’s 8th Annual general meeting. A total of 37 members attended the evening from a total membership at the time which tallied 76. Guests in attendance were Graham Chudleigh representing the board of NSWCU&SA as well as Administration Officer Royce McCormack. This would be the last event Royce attended as he shortly after resigned his position within the Umpires Department at Cricket NSW

At the AGM, Peter Friend was returned as chairman for his second season while Stephen Blomfield (Secretary) and Gordon Smith (Treasurer) continued their unbroken runs being returned by the membership for their ninth season. Jim Shellens maintained the Vice President role. Others re-elected to the committee of management were Trevor Schokman & David Goodman while John Moore and Mark Hughes were newly added into the committee. George Richards did not seek re-election to the committee.

Another successful season in regards to umpire recruitment & retention saw the Association finish the season with a record number of members. At season close 82 members were registered with the Association with another 3 new members joining in early April 2010 after the completion of the March 2010 NSWCU&SA training course. As at 30 April 2010, which marks the end of the 2009/10 financial year for the Association the membership stood at 85.

The large volume of new members certainly made a big impact on the competitions with umpires being allocated to almost every 3rd grade fixture during the season. As well as the strong numbers within our own ranks, the Sydney grade scene also experienced good numbers resulting in a record number of instances when surplus umpires unable to get a match in grade cricket sort out an appointment in Shires. This overflow effect meant that matches in Shires fourth grade received umpires on numerous occasions. This was a completely new experience for the Shires competition and one that was roundly appreciated by the participating clubs.

Statistics from the 2009/10 season read as follows -

* 100% umpire coverage of all days play in First Grade Shires

* 100% umpire coverage of all days play in Frank Gray Shield Matches

* 99% umpire coverage of all days play in Second Grade Shires

* 94% umpire coverage of all days play in Third Grade Shires

* 44% umpire coverage of all days play in Fourth Grade Shires

Other Issues this season included -

* The welcome introduction of a blue field shirt for all members that was used in all limited overs matches

* Umpire match fees maintained at $105 per day due to the “global financial crisis”

* George Richards retired from active umpiring

* Geoff Taylor umpired the Shires XI v Grade XI rep match at the newly developed Blacktown Olympic Park # 1 Oval

* Stephen Blomfield umpired his 200th Career Shires Match

* Peter Friend , Spencer Harrison & Ivan Holland umpired their 150th Career Shires Match

* Trevor Schokman , Tony Kingsford Smith , & Chris Taylor umpired their 100th Career Shires Match

* Peter Mooney & Chris Taylor were appointed to the 1st Grade Grand Final won by South Sydney CC

* Peter Friend & Chris Taylor were appointed to the Frank Gray (Under 24) Grand Final won by Strathfield CC

* In a very close finish Peter Mooney won the umpire of the year award for the first time while Greg Tunks took out the most improved umpire of the year award.

* A new innovation for the Association was the "Rookie Umpire Of The Year" award which recognised the best performed first year umpire. The inaugural recipient of this award was Scott Calvert.

Season 2008/09 - Year 8

The 8th season of the Sydney Shires Cricket Umpires Association commenced at a very well attended Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 30 July, 2008

A total of 27 members (from a total membership of 57) attended the meeting along with a number of guests including Laurie Borg (Treasurer NSWCU&SA), Roy Formica (Assistant Secretary, SCA) , and Steven Poole (Liaison Officer, NSWCU&SA)


Season 2007/08 - Year 7

The seventh season of the SSCUA began with the holding of its 6th Annual General Meeting on 18 July 2007. The meeting held at the Redfern RSL was attended by 24 of the 47 members holding membership at the time of the AGM. The total membership base of 47 is 10 less than the 57 that held membership as at the end of the previous season.


Season 2006/07 - Year 6

The sixth season of the SSCUA began with the holding of its 5th Annual General Meeting on 19 July 2006. The meeting held at the Redfern RSL was attended by 21 members of a total of 50 currently at the time holding membership, (a drop of 4 from the previous end season 05/06 tally of 54). For the first time in the Associations short history the management committee from the previous season into the new season was unchanged.


Season 2005/06 - Year 5

The fifth season of this Association began with the 4th AGM being held on July 20, again at Redfern RSL. Another one-term President bit the dust, this time it was John Moore citing a desire to do some travelling during a fair percentage of the upcoming summer (half his luck). New President George Richards was elected unopposed and has a stern task ahead of him to see if he can beat the one-term President blues. Not surprisingly Stephen Blomfield and Gordon Smith were again for the 5th year running both elected unopposed as Secretary and Treasurer.


Season 2004/05 - Year 4

The Association’s 3rd Annual General Meeting was again conducted at Redfern RSL Club, this time on July 14. After only one season in the Presidents Chair, Bruce Parfett made way for John Moore, citing a desire to move away from umpiring in the Shires competition in favour of having a crack at Grade Cricket. The meeting wished Bruce well on his new adventure. For the 4th season running both the Secretary and Treasurer remained unchanged. Membership numbers pre-season were solid and the season’s end membership tally stood at a record 45, an increase of two on the previous year.


Season 2003/04 - Year 3

The second Annual General Meeting of the Association kicked off proceedings for season 2003/04 on July 23. A new venue was found for this meeting, being Redfern RSL Club. This venue would become a permanent fixture for meetings for many seasons to come. Peter Turner, who had led us for the first two seasons, stepped down from the role of President, with Bruce Parfett being elected in this role. Both Stephen Blomfield and Gordon Smith were for the 3rd season running elected unopposed in the Secretary and Treasurer positions.



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