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Season 2011/12 - Year 11

Season 2011/12 was the Eleventh season of the SSCUA.

The season saw a reduction in the number of members from an all time high of 87 in March 2011 to a total of 80 as at 1 April 2012 which marked the end of that playing season. It was widely accepted that the downturn in membership was due to many non active and part time members hanging on until the end of the 10th Anniversary season in 2010/11 before then relinquishing their membership.

The season began with the holding of the 10th Annual General meeting on 10 June 2011. The meeting was held at the Bowlers Club located in York Street, Sydney. A total of 30 from 86 members at the time attended the meeting with guests on the night from NSWCUSA being Darrell Hair, Graham Chudleigh, David Dilley, Stephen Poole and Troy Penman. Representing the Shires sub committee were Stirling Hamman and Mike Wood. That AGM would be last time the Association had dealings with the NSWCUSA Executive Officer Darrell Hair who was terminated from his position a few months later after losing the confidence of the board of directors.

At the AGM the three keys positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer were all filled again by the incumbents being Peter Friend, Stephen Blomfield and Michael Wheeler. Others elected on the committee were Mark Hughes, Jim Shellens, Stuart Wood and Trevor Schokman.

This season the number of shires matches that were supplied umpires was only slightly less than the previous season. A marked improvement in the number of surplus umpires from Grade cricket also occurred – this definitely provided a welcome boost to the number of umpires filling up spots in Shires 3rd and 4th grades.

Statistics from the 2011/12 season read as follows -

* 100% umpire coverage of all days play in First Grade Shires

* 100% umpire coverage of all days play in Frank Gray Shield Matches

* 100% umpire coverage of all days play in Second Grade Shires

* 88% umpire coverage of all days play in Third Grade Shires

* 38% umpire coverage of all days play in Fourth Grade Shires

Other Issues this season included -

* The season was extremely wet with more than the average number of days of play washed out or severely curtailed. As a result team scores were significantly down and bowlers ruled over batsman.

* Umpire match fees were raised from $110 per day to $115 per day – the second year in a row a $5 increase had been applied

* Appointments for SSCUA members to the AW Green Shield were once again permitted after a number of seasons of having this privilege withdrawn

* The competition kept in place a round of 20/20 cricket in the Saturday competition during Round 8. This was played as the last game before the Christmas break

* The Association with the support of SSCUA Member Ian Bowman once again produced a full colour glossy Annual Report. The report was acclaimed by many to be exceptional and set the standard for other Associations to follow.

* Brett Tribolet umpired the Shires XI v Grade XI rep match at the Sydney Cricket Ground on 31 October 2011

* Darren Goodger after umpiring for 10 seasons in Grade Cricket decided to spend a year umpiring the Shires competition winning the Umpire of the Year and also being appointed to umpire in the 1st Grade Grand Final with Chris Taylor. The Grand Final was played at Airey Park between Lane Cove and Burwood. The game was won convincingly by Lane Cove

* Peter Friend and Gordon Smith umpired their 200th Career Shires Match during the season.

* Chris Taylor umpired his 150th Career Shires Match during the season.

* Ken Buckland , Rupert Mathews and Peter Mooney umpired their 100th Career Shires Match during the season.

* Malcolm Ward and Bob Shield all passed 50 Career Shires Matches during the season

* Darren Goodger & Chris Taylor were appointed to the Frank Gray (Under 24) Grand Final won by Warringah CC played at Airey Park

* Rupert Mathews took out the most improved umpire of the year award, while Ian Tabrett won the Rookie Umpire of the Year award